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Do You See Clearly?

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Everything in the third dimension is an illusion of the collective consciousness that mirrors the vision of humanity for the world. The third dimensional aspects of the illusion are a reflection of humanity’s judgments which block the flow of transformation. As judgments are released, through clarity and connection, the collective consciousness is altered. That does not mean that the entire collective must modify their beliefs in order for this paradigm to be transformed. Each of you is a ray of energy that contributes to the earth’s consciousness and when you transform yourself, you bring that energy into the earth’s vortex. What do you see in your illusion of reality and do you see it clearly?

The illusion is a fixed point in time that mirrors all of the energy humanity has created in that moment. You perceive and interpret the illusion and create judgments that fix it into place. This creates the discord and disharmony which further separates you from Source, your divinity and your power. Without your judgment the illusion is without power and is simply a flow of energy. But because you believe in the illusion and judge it as true, you create a space for it. Seeing the illusion clearly means that you understand the contribution of the collective and your role in shifting this energy.

How you interpret the world sends out an energetic resonance that is added to that of the collective. Each of your thoughts carries this power. Your judgments anchor energies into the vortexes that are transformed once your judgment is released. Before judging any person or situation, ask yourself whether you are seeing clearly because there is much beyond the surface that you cannot see with your human eyes and which can only be seen with your ascended heart and spirit.

You have now stepped beyond the third dimension into the space between it and all other dimensions beyond it. This is the point at which the collective can ascend and claim wholeness in their divinity. Your responsibilities are great, for it is through you who know and have connected with the light that completion of these final stages will occur. Be clear about what you see before you, remember that it is the illusion that you connect with through the ego, and not your spiritual truth. Release your judgments so you can return humanity to the Source of light and allow ascension to unfold. You do not have to wait for a special day or time, you are at the gathering point of this moment now and everything you do impacts the ascension journey. See clearly that heaven on earth awaits you now and enjoy the blessings as you continue your journey Home.

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2 responses

  1. I guess we are all a little guilty about judging others at times…
    Have a lovely day…

    April 14, 2011 at 4:13 pm

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