sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.

Morning Blessing 04 12 11


A gratified person is someone who constantly experiences

the abundance of life itself and the

privilege of life itself because they know that wherever they are,

just by the force of nature that is their

Being, anything is possible! -Reverend Angela


There is a dynamic force of Enlightenment in this universe. It is the potential from which all life manifests. Therefore it is the essence of my Being, and my life too lends itself to this dynamic force.

I now liberate whatever is inhibiting this potential from manifesting-I announce and affirm, declare and claim I AM empowered to facilitate the realization of this potential. I am no longer a seeker of enlightenment, for I now choose to be a finder of this Power. Enlightenment calls us to accustom ourselves with the internal qualities of knowing rather than the landscape of rational mind questioning. I feel the rhythm of my Being transition from questioning to knowing. I have merged with the Universal nature and all the resources of my Soul. There is no more resistance, no manipulation, and no need for control, nothing to block me from being constantly informed of the ever-changing nature of All That Is. I have mastered the capacity to understand myself, and live in the present moment, unencumbered by past attachments or future projections. I am the alchemist – my new found power liberates me from a life that was trapped in circles into spirals of empowerment. In this place of empowerment I experience myself as the Universe.

I am thankful for this character recognition of authenticity. I am thankful for the voice that proclaimed, “you never have to be a seeker again, you can choose to be a finder.” I am thankful for enlightenment, it is a gift that was born simply through the grace of self-realization. I now release my word to the Creative Power of the Universe, knowing it is done and complete, for Truth never changes. Thank you God, and
so it is.



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