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Morning Blessing 09 14 10

Dear Beloved One,

. . . A free person lives in Spirit, just as a wizard does, and is able to do far more good than can ever be done outside Spirit. This viewpoint isn’t yet acceptable in society, because you and I and everyone else we know have been conditioned to believe otherwise. We are attached to everything and believe that attachment is what make our lives work.

Our sense of attachment begins with our relationship to this earth. Mortals, the wizards say, are under the illusion that they own the world or control its fate. As the wizards see it, the world has a spirit that oversees our welfare; we live sheltered within her spirit and are allowed to shape our own fate. But Spirit can never be owned or controlled. “You want to have the whole world, don’t you?” Merlin asked Arthur.

“No, I don’t think so,” replied Arthur.

“Oh, you do, believe me. You mortals are like a spark that will one day set a whole field afire. The spark looks tiny, but it spreads and spreads.”

“Do you mean that we will destroy the world?” asked Arthur.

“That depends. Spirit cannot be destroyed, and if you come to see yourself as Spirit, you will join with the Spirit of this earth. The alternative is to ignore Spirit, and if you choose that way, you will have no regard for the earth. Her pain will seem remote to you.”

Merlin pointed to a large rock. “Kick it,” he said. Arthur did as he was told.

“Ow.” He winced.

“Strange,” commented Merlin. “The rock got kicked, but you’re the one who cried out.”

“What’s strange about that?” grumbled Arthur, half suspecting that the wizard had made him kick the rock harder than he’d planned.

“This was a lesson about Spirit. When you kicked the rock, it was yourself you hurt. The rock didn’t protest, because the earth never does. She is secure in her spirit. Security in spirit is what the earth has to teach you mortals. But if you become enraged at your injury, which the rock merely gave back to you, you will be tempted to ignore spirit. You will want to crush the rock, destroy it, and turn it to your uses, all because the earth is kind enough not to cry out when you kick her.”

It is in the nature of Spirit not to protest. There is no harm you can really do to spirit, and although humans have inflicted appalling harm on the earth, the final result is always that we harm ourselves. We don’t respect our own Spirit. We regard ourselves with fear and anger. “You have lost faith in faith.” Merlin said. “You no longer seem to trust in trust.” What this means is that the qualities of Spirit, which include love, faith, and trust, must be known and experienced before they can do much good.

Most people struggle against their will; they resort to fear and anger because they feel that these paths have been forced on them. Willingness to live in peace depends on not being directed by these negative energies, and that can only happen by adopting the wizard’s way. “If you want to do good for the world, be completely unselfish and become a wizard,” Merlin said. “If you want to do good for yourself, be completely selfish and still become a wizard.” This may sound like a paradox, but ultimately all Spirit is Spirit. You walk the earth as an individual, but you also walk it as part of the earth. Therefore, you regain yourself, you regain the world …

   page 137, The Way of the Wizard by Deepak Chopra.



I know that beneath, before, and beyond any conditions there is Perfection. This world, this universe, this Soul is conceived in Oneness and wholeness. I relax into the field of awareness that organizes all life and recognize that I am not imprisoned or separate from Spirit.  Rather I am the imprint of the Intelligence of all that I see, hear, and feel. I am one with that Power, as is all that exists, nothing can be outside the totality of God.

In this moment I claim for myself the statehood and pleasure of a wizard’s thinking. Though I have journeyed from the timeless to the realm of hours and days and years, from the silence of the inner world to the activity of the outer world, from self-absorption to absorption in all the fascinating things around me I remember the Purity that remains intact.  I release all ideas and notions that birth separateness and embrace the alchemy of truth that all Life is entwined and connected by the essence of  Spirit. As Merlin teaches “we walk the earth as an individual, but we also walk it as part of the earth.” In Spirit I am the branch that supports a hungry squirrel, or the restlessness of the wind. I open and hold Goodness for myself and know that since I hold it in mind for self, I also create it for all.

With great hurrahs I release these words into a universe that isn’t hiding anything from anyone! I am certain my wishes have caused cosmic forces to bring about their fulfillment. From God’s power and his light of awarenessshinning through my eyes I live the experience now. And so it is.



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