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Morning Blessing 04 08 11

Dear Beloved One,

Just as we meet different aspects of ourselves when we travel to a country or state that is new to us, so do we discover different dimensions of ourselves when we enter new terrain within consciousness. Today I want you to declare that you are an adventurer in consciousness, traversing this three-dimensional realm to behold the wonders of creation. Then you will no longer be a passive tourist in your life. Search yourself and see how you move in the world. Do you delay or deny good in your life because you believe that an outer condition must first change? Have you put your life on pause while you wait for outer circumstances to shift before you become an adventurer, an explorer in consciousness? The world won’t be any different once you press the play button if there is no corresponding change in your consciousness.

As a spiritual adventurer, include in your spiritual practice a willingness to stay on the razor’s edge, not to become so comfortable that you become lethargic or mechanical in your spiritual practices. Consciousness is limitless, so you want to continue discovering deeper and deeper dimensions of your being. When you fully participate in life you courageously venture into unexplored territory, aspects of being you didn’t know existed because you kept on settling, surviving, conducting life as usual, in a state of mediocrity. Be bold enough to step out without knowing how things will end up but trusting enough to break through the safety net you have created for yourself. Experience the proverbial hero’s journey of venturing out, experiencing challenges, growing through and transcending them, and returning homeward transformed within.


Your confidence to become a spiritual warrior increases as you do something as simple as meet new people, learn a new skill, or open your life to new possibilities. By taking advantage of even small opportunities to explore an unexpressed dimension of your being, you will increase your courage and discipline to be an explorer of the expansive territory within yourself.


What are you willing to do today or this weekend that is risky? Is your heart risking anything? Is there some forgiveness that you need to initiate, amends you must make that you fear the other person will reject? Is there some generosity of the heart that you must express, yet you don’t want to look foolish? What keeps nagging at you to take action that you keep holding back on, postponing? Don’t wait. Participate, risk, and grow now. The longer you hide our in the attempt to remain safe, the more you become fearful, nervous, hesitant. You will not be present as a participant in birthing a new world, a world that very much wants and needs the contribution of your consciousness.


You are on a cosmic adventurer. How would you move in this world if you really went for it, if you realized that you would never die, that you would never lose anything? Wouldn’t you have the courage to free yourself from the tyranny of trends? Wouldn’t you walk boldly, fearlessly sharing, radiating, being a creative agent for change in our world? You have the power to launch your adventure in this instant. Will you do it?


excerpted from “Spiritual Liberation” by Michael Bernard Beckwith.


The power of Spirit to awaken me to my own spiritual nature is at work in me
even as I read these words; the Infinite Presence of Life is culminating in
its latest wonderful evolution in me this very moment. I am part of the
Infinite Universal Presence, created out of it, with all the wisdom and
power and creativity it has. I’ve always got access to this creative power
for transformation, and I let that power go to work in me this very day.

Knowing that Spirit is always at work in me in this way, I wake up to Its
workings and work with it. I daily set the intention to open my mind and
heart to experience my own spiritual nature. I daily set the intention to
receive the good that is here for me. Every day of my life, I choose to give
the best I have to offer the world, and in every moment, I give thanks for
the blessings that are everywhere around me.

I let myself grow and change, not holding onto the good from the past, and
opening to the greater good that’s blossoming in all people and things. I
call it forth. And I am ready for this; there’s nothing in me that resists
this opening in any way. Any places of fear or confusion are now filled with
clarity and courage. And for this process of unfolding, of awakening, I give
thanks. Because it is done. And so it is.



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