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The Energies of April 2011

by Jennifer Hoffman

After what we experienced in March we are probably looking at April with more than a little hesitation. The events on the world stage showed us how lives can be changed in a moment, that Mother Nature is still in charge, that no matter how technologically advanced we think we are, everything can be wiped out, taking us back to very simple basics of food, water and shelter. In our individual lives there was an opportunity to assess where we are, whether we are happy, what we need to let go of and how we are creating our life path. For many it was a sobering experience and that leads us into the possibilities of April.

This month we have another major planet changing signs, Neptune enters Pisces today, for the first time since 1827. This is another milestone – all of the outer planets have changed sign in the last six months and there is also a concentration of planets in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the sign of action. The questions for us this month are what action will we take and how will we be guided to take it. It is one thing to take action blindly and without forethought, it is another to consciously choose the action that is in our highest good. And Aries has the reputation for ‘…rushing in where angels fear to tread.’ (And as an Aries I can attest to that.)

While we all want to run away from whatever causes us pain, it is one thing to run away from fear, it is another to go towards success. So often our focus is on leaving, as quickly as possible, that which is painful but we get the best results when we use every part of each experience and refrain from judging any of them. When we run from fear the changes are lateral, we just side-step from one place to another. A shift in energy, in being and in thinking allows us to move towards success, towards a different reality that is not better or worse than the one we have, just different.

This month will be a call to accepting our divinity, not as in becoming more ‘holy’, but in becoming more whole, centered, grounded and aware. With six planets in Aries at the April 3 New Moon, we have much support for the new but Saturn, which is in opposition, challenges us to choose wisely, to reflect, take our time and move ahead consciously and mindfully. This month we have much support for taking action and creating change. But if we don’t want to create more of the pain, discomfort, fear, lack or anything else we no longer want, we will have to take mindful, powerful, conscious and deliberate steps towards success instead of trying to run away from our fears. Have a great month.

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