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Morning Blessing 04 05 11

Dear Beloved One,

We yearn for simplicity, but our lives have a habit of getting out of control, a habit of becoming overwhelmed and overcrowded. Usually we have only ourselves to blame for how complicated our lives have become. Indeed, in many ways we seem attracted to the complicated. We complicate our lives for four main reasons: We don’t know what we really want, we don’t have a clear sense of the purpose of our lives, we are scared of missing out on something, and we want to be distracted from the real challenges of the inner life.

Do you know what you want? I find that most people don’t. They know what they don’t want. If you ask a single person, “What are you looking for in a partner?” they very often answer by saying, “Well I don’t want someone who is insecure or someone who is not spontaneous.” If you ask someone what they are looking for in a job, they very often reply, “Oh, I just need to get out of this place. I’ll do anything – I just can’t do this any longer.” We very often answer questions about what we want in the negative. Getting clear about what we want is critical to simplifying our lives.  

We complicate our lives because we don’t know what we want.


Do you have a clear sense of what your purpose, your core values, and your critical success factors are? In the corporate setting, these things are talked about all the time… I think this can also be applied to our lives as individuals. For example, your purpose is to become the-best-version-of-yourself. This purpose gives us the goal, the dream, the big picture… 


Get clear about who you are and who you are not, about what you do and what you don’t do. The sooner you get clear on these things, the sooner your life will begin to simplify and flourish because of the clarity that simplicity will bring.



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The April Energy Read is ready and available!

You want this one just for the alignment meditation at the end. You’ll be able to do it over and over again for the rest of your days and it will enhance your field. (PS: it was so good that I re-recorded it in the studio so that you get the great sound quality you deserve).


The power of Spirit to awaken me to my own spiritual nature is at work in me
even as I read these words; the Infinite Presence of Life is culminating in
its latest wonderful evolution in me this very moment. I am part of the
Infinite Universal Presence, created out of it, with all the wisdom and
power and creativity it has. I’ve always got access to this creative power
for transformation, and I let that power go to work in me this very day.

Knowing that Spirit is always at work in me in this way, I wake up to Its
workings and work with it. I daily set the intention to open my mind and
heart to experience my own spiritual nature. I daily set the intention to
receive the good that is here for me. Every day of my life, I choose to give
the best I have to offer the world, and in every moment, I give thanks for
the blessings that are everywhere around me.

I let myself grow and change, not holding onto the good from the past, and
opening to the greater good that’s blossoming in all people and things. I
call it forth. And I am ready for this; there’s nothing in me that resists
this opening in any way. Any places of fear or confusion are now filled with
clarity and courage. And for this process of unfolding, of awakening, I give
thanks. Because it is done. And so it is.



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