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Love When the Great Ones Roamed the Earth

Heavenletter #3226

God said:

It is really true that, at every moment, everyone is doing the best he or she can do. It may not seem like it, but it is so.

The ones who are addicted are doing the best they can do at that moment. The ones who commit crimes are doing the best they can do at that moment. The overbearing employer is doing the best he can do. The unruly child in school is doing the best he can co. A slovenly housewife is doing the best she can do.

When they can do better, they will do better.

The reason this is the best they can do at any one moment is because of their perception. They see differently from you. Their energy is perhaps less than yours. If they could change their ways right now, they would. If they could go faster, they would not straggle. If they could be calmer, they would not be so angry. Nor would you.

It is fine to think: “There but for the grace of God go I.” It is better yet to think and acknowledge: “There go I. I am not separate from anyone before me. I may live differently. I may live higher in my eyes, yet these people and I are connected. They are a part of me, and I am a part of them. I am not perfect either. I am luckier because my imperfections are not so noticeable. I am certainly imperfect when I condemn another for not following my ways. I must be imperfect, or I would not throw stones.”

Anyone knows that it is not a good idea to be addicted or commit crimes. Nevertheless, those that live in such difficult ways are doing the best they can do at that moment.

Beloveds, you do not know in which ways those you feel superior to are serving you. Maybe they display themselves as they do so you do not have to. Maybe, in some unknown way, they raise you higher. Maybe they carry you on their shoulders. Maybe they are here to teach you. You do not know what someone else’s particular role is or what it means. Nor do the role-players.

You are meant to be compassionate. Compassion isn’t the same as pity. Compassion isn’t the same as looking down on someone. Compassion doesn’t mean to coddle anyone either. It means to keep judgment out of the equation. It means to bless all regardless. It means to bless them because they are My children just as much as you are.

When Christ and the Great Ones lived on Earth, their love was not exactly what you mean by love. They simply radiated their light. They did not shine it here or there. They simply shone their light. They let their light shine so before all men. They did not withdraw their love. They did not hold it back. Their love was not personal. Their love was fully Mine. Therefore, their love transcended the personal. Their love was love, and their love transcended worldly appearances. We could say their love was impersonal, yet their love was a warm fire on a cold winter’s night. They welcomed everyone to warm their hearts by the fireplace of their love. Love is love, or it is not love.

Beloveds, it is even true that when you withhold love, you, too, are doing the best you can do at the moment. That moment is already past. And now is another moment. From one moment to another, more of the love in your heart can rise to the surface and be available for all including those who, to your mind, may not deserve it. Your true heart goes by different rules. It goes by the rule of love.

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