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Morning Blessing 03 31 11

What if, as much as God is the Alpha, the Omega, and everything inbetween –
this essence could also be your thoughts?
Not just in them.
Not just riding upon them.
Not just what they manifest.
But were the actual thoughts themselves?
Would it be easier for you to see how far you can send them?
How unlimited they are?
How dependable?
Infallible? Supreme?
How potentially healing, nurturing and magical they are?


There is but One life, One source of all good, One source of all abundance.
And it is God. Everywhere I look, if I open my eyes, I see the infinite,
lavish abundance of Spirit. It is all around me, burgeoning with an
extravagance that shows me the truth. I look at the grass, and see an
abundance of blades of green in every possible shade. I see the variety and
creativity of nature and realize that it is relentless in Its pursuit of
creating something new. And this very process which I see in action all
around me is happening in me.

The Universe merely looks for an outlet for its infinite creativity. It
finds that outlet in me today. My mind is fertile ground for wild, bold
ideas that produce wonderful results. My heart is home to beliefs and
attitudes that reveal joy and respect for all people. And my life is a place
where the abundant nature of Spirit shows up and shows up en masse!

I open my life this day to realize that all the good I seek is already
around me. I open my consciousness this day to receive what has already been
given. And I give thanks for the giving, loving, supportive nature of this
universe, which cannot and will not ever let me down. And so it is.



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