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Morning Blessing 09 17 10

Dear Beloved One,  

Think about your day so far. Even if it is early in the morning, you’ve probably come into contact with your life in many ways. How is it going so far? Today we are going to focus our attention on building stronger spiritual muscles. Stretch our daily thinking to expand with a grander version of ourselves. Living in a world that can demand so much negative attention can deplete our “spiritual” storage bins quickly. Think about it, each day our attention tends to gravitate towards problems all day long. Not that problems can’t be helpful, because we need to attend to problems in order to resolve or fix them. But what happens if “problems and difficulties” occupy most of our attention during the course of the day? We begin to create a vision of life that is challenging, problematic, disappointing and frustrating.  


We are going to view spiritual practice not as an activity, but as a way of experiencing our reality. Many of us were raised to think of spiritual practice as little more than a short grace before meals, saying bedtime prayers, and going to a weekly worship service. The problem with seeing practice this way is that it can become just another entry on our already crowded To Do lists, one of those frequently unexamined routines of our daily life. Practice degenerates into an obligation similar to taking out the garbage or flossing our teeth. You don’t step on the path of practice for a few minutes a day, then jump off to go about the rest of your life.


Take a moment to reflect on some of these examples to see how you are doing at maintaining your spiritual form, look at how you behave during a breakfast disagreement with your partner, in a traffic jam on the way to the office, in the line at the bank when someone skips ahead of you, in your reaction to a homeless person begging for money, or at your club when you are asked to do something that violates your conscience. This path also encompasses the joy you feel in a job well done, the elation that washes over you while making love, the affection you have for your pet, and the communion you experience in a circle of close friends. . . .


Can you see how the skillful development of strong spiritual ideals is such a fundamental aspect of our life experience and how the unskillful use of subjective habits often result in suffering?


So please join me on this journey. Integrate this exercise into your daily encounters with life. It will be interesting and fun to do, and all will give you a chance to build your spiritual physique.


Ready . . . one, two, one, two –

The infinite river of life is God’s dream of paradise. A place
 of one heart, one mind, and one pure, perfect body of
expression. I know this magnificence is my heritage. It  is 
the power I came from and so I creatively use these words
to harness the astounding energy of God’s life ~ my life.
Today I bring the harmonizing energy of spiritual strength into
my life. This infusion reinforces the value of well-being and objectivity
as I take care of all the details of the day. My practice of a spiritual
consciousness allows me to see new prospects and possibilities in
every experience. My career, my relationships, and all mental pursuits
find a better order. Emotional indulgence and other extremes are now 
transmuted by clarity, love, and wisdom. When I see my own face in 
the mirror I remember that I AM the splendor of Spirit. I embrace this
Truth and step into my vision gracefully. 
My gratitude is complete and eternal. I am Spiritual Light  — right here
and right now. I work in concert with the One that is in all, over all,
and surrounding all. I give thanks for this recognition and focus. I 
release and let go, knowing it is so. And so it is. 



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4 responses

  1. Just dropping in again to say Hi.. and wishing you a Happy Week, hoping that Spring is bringing some Joy and colour into your lives in what ever you are doing… Dreamwalker.

    April 12, 2011 at 2:26 pm

    • Thank you Sue. Sending love and kindness for all to have a wonderful week too. Blessings

      April 13, 2011 at 8:32 am

  2. I am always thankful for all those many blessings we all take so often for granted.. This morning I awoke to the dawn chorus of birds singing away their delight of a New Day.. and they reminded me that each day they wake, they worry not that may not find enough food… They just go about their day, and take each moment, ‘each worm’ as they find them lol..
    We can learn alot from Nature…
    I have taken a long while to learn to let go and trust that Life puts us in the place we are intended to be.. And that each of us are provided for..
    What we have forgotten along that road of life is to take a moment, to stop and look. and take in all the bounties Mother Nature gives us in gifts every single day..

    So My prayer for today is to Thank the Universal Spirit of All life for all of Nature, the Air we breath, The Water we drink and the Food that is grown.. Our Health, and our senses, that we may see those beautiful surroundings and share that with our Animal Kingdom…
    Thank you for ALL of our Blessings we take for granted…

    A beautiful Post…. Wishing you a Special Sunday full of peace love and light x Dreamwalker x

    March 26, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    • Thanks for the visit Sue. People can take things for granted, and bless those that find there path.

      March 27, 2011 at 9:55 pm

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