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Watch Love Come Out like the Stars

Heavenletter #3404

God said:

Love is taking over the world. Love can’t help it. Love is the Source of the world, and it is its outcome. Nothing can stop the overthrow of anything that is less than love. This is the time of love’s ascendancy. Love is climbing. It is lighting up everything. This love of Mine is radiating. Now love is being heard and seen. There is no withstanding it.

From now on, love prevails. Love sought is now love found. All the love in the world is received. All the love in the world is given in full value. Love is becoming the medium of exchange. There is nothing that will be given without love. There is nothing that will be received without love. There will be nothing without love.

The consistency and constancy of the world will be love, love pure and simple. Love is going to seep through every nook and cranny. There will no longer be escape from love. Life without love will not longer be tolerable. It was never tolerable, life without love, life imagined without love, and now such a scandal will no longer be tolerated.

Love has risen to the ascendancy. Nothing will go before it. Love and love alone will rise. All that which does not feel like love will go into descendancy and vanish. There will be nothing to compare love to because love alone will be. It has always been the case that love alone is and now this will be known. It will be established on Earth that love alone is. Nothing else is love but love.

The deed is done.

The love you have long longed for will speak for itself. Love is going to be evident in the world. It is going to be evident everywhere. It will be valued like the gold it is. Love will take its rightful place. Love alone will reign. The rule of love is at hand.

Love will be visible everywhere, even in unlikely places, love will star. This will not be a performance, you understand. This will be love being simply the love that it is, and it is going to shine. Your love is going to shine. Your love is not going to be left out. Your love is going to be one of the star dancers on the stage of life. How your love will dance. How your love will shine. Your love is going to steal the whole show. There is going to be love on top of love. There will be acrobats of love, tumblers of love. Love will clown around and make the children laugh. Love is in its ascendancy. Love is rising. Love’s time is now.

There is going to be a rash of love covering the Earth. Love is blossoming. Independent of the weather, love is going to blossom. Like flakes of snow, love is going to fall everywhere. Love will melt on every tongue. Note this love and how near it is. Watch love come out like the stars, love after love, love sparkling, love divine, love loving and nothing else but the radiance and murmur of love, love in the world, love overtaking, love doing what love does, and that is loving and loving and loving, love for the long haul, love for its own self, love baring its heart all over the place, and you, right there to collect it, love it, and then pass it on.

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