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Honor One Another

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

Each of you is a divine spiritual being and each is equally loved by the Creator. The choices that each individual makes in their lifetime are a reflection of their belief in their divinity, their level of spiritual understanding, their lessons and their spiritual journey. Some souls have difficult lessons to learn; others may be blessed with a lifetime of ease and abundance. These are not indications that they are loved more or less than anyone, but what they have come to learn. Whether they are successful or not is a matter that can only be determined by their soul. When you honor each other, you acknowledge each other on a soul level.

Those who do wrong to others are acting out their karmic lessons. If there seems to be more of this today it is because so many souls are here to heal karma while they can. It is, for many, the final opportunity to heal and complete lessons that they have incarnated many times to learn. Some merely repeat the wrongs that have been done to them in previous lifetimes. Others learn to atone for and heal their karma. When you are involved in this process you have two choices, you can participate in the karma or not. You create that choice by honoring the other person and allowing yourself to see them on a soul level, where karma can be viewed as an interchange of emotional and physical experiences.

In different lifetimes each of you has been a victim and an aggressor, a bringer of joy and pain. When you honor each other you acknowledge others on a soul level and this removes you from the karmic level to a higher vibration. At the karmic level you respond to the emotions and react to the karma that you both share. At a higher vibration you respond on a spiritual level, where you can make choices that will help you heal and end the karma with another because you understand the pain of your experiences and can see and allow yourself to experience a different outcome.

This can be a difficult choice to make as the karma you share with others carries a very strong emotional bond. When you honor each other you transcend the emotional connections and raise your participation to a higher level. The other person must then meet you at this level or they cannot interact with you. This provides them an opportunity to heal their karma and move forward on their own spiritual path. Lifetimes of karma are being healed at this time, entire soul groups are ending their associations so that new connections can be made. Honor each other and help this process move forward. This is part of the work that you came here to do.

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