sharing unending light and love with all-that-is.

Something strange happened today… (2008)

Today on my way to the doctor I was on a busy six lane surface street with hundreds of vehicles. In the center of this expressway not too far in front of my driving path was a meridian that was part of an overpass. I had been stopped at an intersection because of a red traffic light. When the light turn green I started to approach this overpass when traffic came to a stop.

I could see a young man who got out of his car and walk to the meridian and stood there? Then I saw another person do the same? By this time the other side of the express way had came to a halt.

My first impressions was that a human was injured and needed help. Having some compassion and first aid training, I opened my car trunk grabbed a first aid kit and blanket then walked to the location. There were several people standing there at this time.

When I looked down what I saw made me feel extremely sad. Here was a female cat with new kittens that someone had place a cross behind them. The cat was nursing her kittens and being as loving as a mother could be. I first looked up in the air for a moment then looked at the other people in silence, some with tears in their eyes. I knelt down and set the blanket and first aid kit on the ground.

The young man that got out of the his car first spoke, and said, “it looks like I have a family.”

I got a smile on my face with my eyes welling. I told the young man that he could have the blanket, and we could place the kittens on it to take to his car. I could carry the mother cat in my arms. A few people said they would help.

Then I stood up and there was a motorcycle officer behind me. I took out my wallet and handed the young man some money to help with his new family. Many others gave money as well. The motorcycle officer said, “just a moment,” and walked to his motorcycle and opened a side compartment. I could see he had a long black leather booklet in his hand as he walked back
toward us.

I stood in silence as the officer made his way back to our nearby location.

He walks up to the young man and opens his booklet, and says, “I have a family too,” and gives the young man some money.

Many people then helped keep the mother cat calm, while the kittens were placed on the blanket and picked up and delivered to the young mans car. As the young man was ready to drive off the officer yelled, “wait”!

He went over and retrieve the cross and walk to the car. I was standing close enough to here him say, “you don’t want to leave your family unprotected now do you.”

When I made it back home and had a while to think about what had happened, I realized that not a car horn had sounded, and not a single person got upset over this event. All, I could think was something strange happened today!

There is a lot of love in this world, and I’m glad to share my experience today with friends.

Honoring Sacramento County Sheriff Deputy Lawrence Canfield, killed in a motorcycle accident November 2008. Rest in Peace.


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