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Morning Blessing 03 10 11

Dear Beloved One,

“As we come into proper alignment with the awesome Power within, our Higher Nature, we are carried above the laws of the third-dimensional plane. We become a channel for the dynamic radiation of Will, Love, and Creative Intelligence that is tenaciously seeking an outlet through consciousness to reveal the New Reality of Heaven on Earth. But the personality must surrender the little i – that symbol of dualism with its separated head and body – so that the Master I may express in all Its power and glory. The goal of every student of Wisdom is to transform individual identity from the self who can do nothing to the Self Who is doing everything NOW. Once that shift takes place, the old life of emptiness, illness, and lack is transformed into a new stage of being that experiences only fulfillment, wholeness and abundance…You are a spiritual being embodying all of the Power of the Universe within you. Will you not accept this Truth and start living as the Light of the world that you are? The Dawn is approaching.. .it is time to awaken to your Inheritance.” Empowerment – John Randolph Price


God is the Spirit of Infinite Life. The power and presence of this existence is resident in every point in the Universe.

The magnificent splendor of this unfolding joyous expression is my life and love now. Within my daily routine I remember to use the drawing power of mind. Thoughts as a science are demonstrated abundantly each day.

The law of correspondence between spiritual and material things is wonderfully exact in its workings. So today, I am the energy of the living Spirit of Truth.

I release any opinions or evaluations and righteous judgments. In all things, there is a blessing, so I demand to see the sanctity clearly revealed. My mind is clear, and I behold the radiant loveliness of life as the ruling mood of my day.

Faith is nothing more or less than the operation of the thoughtforces in the form of an earnest desire, coupled with the expectation as to its fulfillment. With thanksgiving I send out this prayer watered by firm expectation that when it returns I will love to be living it!

And so it is.



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