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Do You Believe in Fireflies

Heavenletter #3580

God said:

From the beginning of existence, you have been Mine. We exist now. We are existence itself. And then I made patty-cakes, and you had a body. First there was light, and then I created you as a Body of Light. There was light, and then there were rays of light sent to venture into the world, and We called you a Human Being of Light. Somehow, along the way, the important words “of light” were dropped off. What a careless error. Know forevermore that you are a Human Being of Light. You are not just any human being or just another human being. You are a Human Being of Light.

Do you believe in fireflies more than you believe in yourself? You see the flashing light of fireflies and you see not your light and the light of others. This light has not been proven to you. Let Me tell you, the light which you are does not have to be proven to you. Proof goes only so far. Actuality is beyond proof. Neither you nor I can be proven. Proof is inconsequential.

In the world, proof changes. Once it was proved that the planet you walk on was flat. Then it was proven it was round.

So I have just proved that proof changes. Your light exists more than proof. Proof is not so wonderful. Light is.

If light is wonderful, then it follows that you are wonderful light. That you may not have shined your light on the world does not make light less wonderful. It makes your light hidden, covered in shadow. Light that does not shine is light wasted, yet even light wasted is light. Light turned off is light turned off. It is not light non-existent.

The words “Let your light so shine before men,” is not an idle statement. Your mission is to let your light shine. You don’t have to believe in your light quotient in order for your light to shine. You don’t even have to believe in Me in order to shine My light.

It is easier to be a human being who shines light than a human being who does not shine his light. It is not such an easy thing to repress your light.

What would happen if you intended to shine your light? You might surprise yourself. You might start seeing yourself in light. You might start seeing yourself as vested only in light. You might shed light on a world that craves your light. I proclaim that you have had your fill of darkness which only pretends to be lack of light.

And yet you have seen that light goes off. Even as I say that light is eternal, you think light has a switch.

You believe in thought. You believe in furniture. You believe in woe. Why not believe in your Lighted Self? You don’t have the corner on light, for light belongs to all. Light is the very fiber of your being. Light is no less light because everyone has it.

Seek less light from others. Rather let your light shine and sparkle and light up other hearts that have become dulled with loss of hope or bruised with despair.

The thing is that hearts need your light. No longer can you keep your light hidden from view and especially not hidden from your own view.

You are on Earth in order to light it. Light up yourself with some awareness of your light. If you have ever contributed to someone’s smile, you have shone your light. If you yourself have smiled, you have shone your light on yourself. In the same light, I smile on you. I shine My light on you with all My heart. There is nothing I like more than to shine My light on you, and, so, in this moment, as always, I shine My light on you.

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