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Your Heart Serves You Well

by Rebecca Couch
A message from the Council of Light

How can we best prepare for what is to come?

As it has always been said, the best preparation for the future takes place now. A refinement to that is to focus on the fullness of what it means to be in the now: the ever present current of the now moment. Not the past and not the future and not outside your body, but here. Now. This sounds like a simple concept, but it is the work of the Master who achieves the true meaning of this Presence. So calm, so in control of your mind, so expanded in consciousness, so aligned with your Higher Self and the Divine at all times that your heart is boundless. Go there in this moment and feel what that is like. Notice that you are completely content. Notice that you trust everything. Notice that there is no room for fear here. Notice that you require nothing. Notice that all is well. Notice everything. And then notice noticing. Realize that you can even notice noticing noticing. Holy cow, that is truly Divine perspective! Notice that you have that. In fact, you ARE that.

Here is another example. Notice that anytime you are wound up or anxious or feisty or impatient or judging that you are caught within your little self that is limited and afraid. If you expand in the Presence in the present moment, you cannot be in those states. It is that easy, but it is hard work to practice until you live from there.

But energy follows intent, so if you intend to master this, you will be amazed at the quality your life assumes. You notice beauty in the simplest of things. Nature calls you and you are comfortable in its mystery. The light and the sound and the peace and the melodies soothe you. You no longer attach to the drama and the chaos or have desperate need for anything. You are at peace with what formerly tormented you. Acceptance is not a dirty word. Surrender is tempered with grace and nourishment like water seeping in past a dam. Your nervous system cools and you can feel yourself inside your body like never before. You can breathe. Your muscles no longer tense in recoil and you feel more vital and youthful. Life is good. There is light. Your intuition sparks effortlessly to play with you and guide you through the maze. Gentleness appeals to you and it finds you because that is what you are. You want more of all of this, and so you relax into grace even more.

And when thunder comes and the lightning sparks or even bolts, you are way stronger. You can even be steely in your resolve to hold the peace no matter what. You realize that you carry an inner strength you never knew you had. There are moments of challenge or faltering, but it is easy to recalibrate back to inner peace, for it has become you now. There is no going back because the price is too much to pay on your well-being on all levels: spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. In fact this is how you know you have transformed, when your body reacts strongly now to discord: negative thoughts, harsh words, disharmonious actions.

You witness the discord outside yourself and do your best not judge. You realize that the more you are able to suspend judgment, the more love, the more presence you are able to hold. You stay in the now moment and stay connected. Judgment is an act of separation and you are working on staying connected. Trust in the larger plan. Judgment says that it is only your opinion that matters and that the higher plan doesn’t. Don’t even bother judging because you are always wrong. If you stay in the present moment, expanded in the now, you will KNOW and TRUST and ALLOW the greater plan to unfold. You are working in alignment with it. In fact, you are co-creating with the Divine as you are in accord with it.

Can’t you say that of all of the past worry and fret and conjecture and dismay and manipulation, that what actually transpired was easier and more fluid than you thought? Of course. Divine is in action, so what the heck were you worried about?! So live in that wisdom now. No matter what your busy mind comes up with, it is always a distorted compilation of old possibilities that end up tormenting you. So stop it and allow grace to enter.

Stay connected to the peace of your heart at all times. Your mind isn’t that by nature, so don’t go there! It is your heart that serves you well. Consider that it – not the mind – is in charge. It will never lead you astray or regurgitate old stuff. Your heart does not judge or worry. It is the doorway to your peace and happiness. Choose to live from your heart.

And so this is how you prepare for what is to come: live in the fullness of each now moment with your expanded heart and peaceful, receptive mind. If you are here in this place, there is no room for anything less than this. Whatever comes your way, you can see clearly through it, walk calmly within it and contribute nothing less to it than what you are: a radiant Presence of Divine Love. Call it corny, but try it first. Then you will know you have achieved your purpose.

There is nothing outside of this except fear.

The Council of Light is Within

© 2011 Rebecca Couch, Dean Noblett and HeartLight ~ Living from the Heart.

Copies of this message may be made for non-commercial purposes through distribution in any media as long as nothing is changed, the author is credited and this copyright notice and web address is included. Publications and websites interested in carrying this information as monthly columns or special features are encouraged to do so. If the material must be shortened in length, please state that it is an edited version and refer the readers to the original full-length version on


2 responses

  1. Living from the heart is all we can try to do.. Living in this Present Moment, and understanding that we came to experience this Moment here on Earth- learning to live and love in harmony is never easy when all around seems to be turmoil confusion, greed and jealousies. Learning never to judge and understanding that behind ever action, was a thought that may have been tainted with emotion and the indoctrinations of learnt behaviour patterns.. Until we understand the Bigger Picture, and know that living from the heart needs to be re-awakened.. Many more are waking up.. but many still sleep in the slumber of ignorance..
    Love Light and Peace.

    March 7, 2011 at 4:49 am

    • Staying in the moment shows heart. We need to help all wake-up to this world. Thanks for the comment.

      March 10, 2011 at 6:56 pm

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