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The Energies of March

by Jennifer Hoffman

All I can say about February is ‘What happened?’ It was a strange month energetically and it flew by so quickly that just as we settled down to do one thing, it was time to do the next. This year will be like that, there will be periods when time goes by very quickly and other times will go more slowly. For many February was a month of strange weather too, which kept many people indoors, isolated at times, a sort of enforced time out so they could absorb and process some of the big energy downloads we received this month.

March will be a little easier in terms of the weather as the snow melts, spring begins to arrive and the ground thaws. I’m already seeing crocuses in my garden even though they are now hidden beneath the snow. We have some planned energy downloads coming, but I see them as arriving on Mondays and being dispersed throughout the week, with a rest on the weekend until the next one begins the following week. So the energy downloads are not finished, but they will be more regular and more predictable, at least for the month of March.

We also have the equinox on March 20 which is the astrological new year and a powerful time. But what is different about this year’s equinox is that we have been preparing for it since January and certainly all of February. If you look at what is happening in the world, specifically in the Middle East, there is a lot of balancing going on. By March 20 most of the countries involved in this will have come to agreements with their people and there will be a greater and more equitable distribution of power. And we will see this in our lives, as March completes the release cycle we have experienced in February, allowing the old, dense energy to float away and replace it with a brighter, clearer and more balanced expression of our light.

This year so far has been about releasing that which no longer resonates with us, setting new intention and energetic connections and learning to live in the present instead of the past. These energies we see on a global level are being mirrored in our lives, with a sometimes not-so-gentle push to continue to release those things that do not serve us. Self forgiveness is a big issue for March, as is remembering that we have no control over what others’ do and when we shift our energies in response to our soul’s call for transformation we allow everything that does not resonate at our new energetic level to fall away. If we try to hold on to things we no longer need to experience, March will be a difficult month. The theme for this month is to surrender to the moment, find our center and whatever is still with us is what should be there. Have a great month.

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