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Act Where You Are

Uriel Heals
by Jennifer Hoffman

The journey you call life is a pathway whose end is an unfolding and evolving point that emanates from the present. It is a journey you experience as outside of yourselves yet everything happens from within. If you could see your journey from the soul’s perspective, you would see an unfolding flow of energy that expands from you and creates each step on your path. Each step is unique and yet connected; it is a breath on the path of your journey and you must breathe that breath to create the next step.

That which you call the light at the end of the tunnel is a destination you may never achieve because the light is within you, not without. Everything light you follow, other than your own, is part of the illusion of the world. The only light you can follow is the light within for it is your only source of enlightenment and truth. If you act on behalf of a distant light you are following a light that does not belong to you, is not your truth and cannot give you the peace, joy and love you seek.

Through human action you attempt to move the body to shift energy. This is what you do in your search for the way out of your challenges and it may be a solution but one that is limited in its energetic expression. Spiritual action initiates movement from the heart that flows to the mind, advising you of the being-ness you should embrace in order to create a different reality. When you act where you are in partnership with spirit, you acknowledge that your being is the creator of your reality and then your actions will be guided by the voice of your truth so each one leads you to a higher expression of your self.

The guidance you seek is within as is the answer to every question you can ever ask. You never have to wait to act, for action begins with your thoughts. Each thought creates itself in your world. As humans you want to do something and yet every aspect of your reality is a reflection of what you are. When you act from spirit you acknowledge your role in creating the illusion and allow a higher vibration and frequency to become part of your thoughts. This aligns you with the highest expression of your being so you can create the reality your spirit knows is a higher step on your path.

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